October is Emotional Wellness Month

October is Emotional Wellness Month.

Mental and emotional stress, especially during this unprecedented time, can translate into negative physical reactions, a weakened immune system, and poor health.

National Today states: “Emotional wellness” refers to our ability to process feelings in a healthy, positive way and manage the stress of everyday life. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, try a soothing activity like meditation or yoga to slow down and clear your mind.

Here are a few tips National Today shares for coping with the year 2020:


We are reminded to slow down

We often forget to pause our busy lives to reset and reflect. Emotional Wellness Month reminds us to prioritize our mental health and personal well-being.

It reminds us to check in with our emotions

It is easy to suppress our feelings when there is so much else going on in our lives. With distractions coming at us from every direction, it is important to consciously quiet the noise and check in with ourselves.

It gives us an opportunity to connect with loved ones

Reach out to a relative or friend who you have not heard from in a while. You never know when people might need your support without knowing how to ask for it.

Use Emotional Wellness Month as an opportunity to take charge of your emotional wellness, find the soothing activities that work for you, and, most of all, breathe!